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I haven´t written anything a long time...shame on me
but I´ve looked for a new design...and it´s coming it!!

see u soon... have to learn now...what the hell!!

song for the day
Farin Urlaub - Zehn

10.5.06 14:20

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Sandy / Website (10.5.06 21:54)
farin urlaub, hell mate *as if*

I mean Farin Urlaub??????

keep on rocking in a free world

Vany / Website (10.5.06 21:56)
moment you say anything about farin urlaub i come and hit you ass *laugh*

Sandy / Website (10.5.06 21:57)
go on then..........HIT ME

I'm still waiting me mate, come on *lol*

Vany / Website (10.5.06 21:58)
hIT me *loool* i love it!!

you´ll see in manu...take care mate

Sandy / Website (10.5.06 22:01)
I'm sooooo happy to see ya soon me mate, can't wait....

look after yourself

luv u

Vany / Website (10.5.06 22:02)
YEAHHHHH...i can´t wait...*happy*

luv u so much

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