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I´m soooo bored

Me mates...I´m so bored...I just don´t know what to do with myself ....come on entertain me...however...
At least I have holidays now...thats hot...
hmm...nuffing funny left to say..


By the way...what the fuckin´hell is going around with the writing-value...?
25.2.06 21:50

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Sandy / Website (25.2.06 22:35)
*fucking in the bushes*

whats going on with what?

bored, guess you've to play with yourself, don't get that one wrong, you know what I mean, don't ya me mate?

I'm still at me office, ordering after ordering, I need so much cds in the new store, boring like hell tonight, nobody else is here, scaaaaaaaary, isn't it?

wanna chat, yeah I'm sure you will

luv u

Vany / Website (25.2.06 22:38)
What? fucking in the bushes? mate!! *laugh* ohhhh...i guess in the first mom of reading i got that one wrong...^^"
Isn´t the writing by u so much bigger? or I´m crazy? O.o
boah mate...nobody else O.O totally scary...I come and entertain you...right? Of course i wanna chat..what a question XD

Sandy / Website (25.2.06 22:42)
Oh, the Oasis intro, sorry, I'm listening to Oasis live now, fucking in the bushes is the intro *loooooool*

I caught you, oh yeah, great one *hihi*

You'll come and entertain me, noooooouuuu I'll come and entertain you, like uhhhhhm which song, you'd like to hear, choose one, I'll sing it for ya *g*

yeah, sometimes big, sometimes small, your blog is the biggest dickhead ever, bigger then mine *lmao*

Vany / Website (25.2.06 22:48)
Ohh you should explain to what you listen befor writing summfing like that *laugh* auuuu yeahhh....I´m always the entertained one...know what I mean oh fuck i should stop talking...^^
ah song...hmm..let me think....yeah rock dj...but i want you to dance like robster *laugh*

Sandy / Website (25.2.06 22:54)
oh noooooooouuuuu I hate this fucking song and you know that, by the way, I'm not able to sing it, am I? *loooool*

chooose another one me mate, one I could sing

go on talking, learning by doing...

Vany / Website (25.2.06 22:59)
Ohhh...I remember the Pub in ManU and you singin sooo loud...aren´t you? hihi...hmm...another song oh I know..I´m a naughty girl tonight soooo Hot Dog - limp...thats great...
I meant that I should stop talking becauso of my naughty thoughts *shame* *laugh*

Sandy / Website (25.2.06 23:05)
No I was not *looool*

Singing loud, gosh, at least I hope nobody was listening?*g*

you're such a naughty bastard me mate, do ya know that??

Limp, kicks fucking ass, I'm in love with "Hot Dog"

46 fucks in this fucked up rhyme

Vany / Website (25.2.06 23:11)
Hmm...I think half ManU have heard you singin *laugh* include the people from the Paris, ManU and Stuttgart airports *laugh* but noooo noone heard you singin´^^
Yeah I love it, too...because of that you have to sing it for me,,,come on...I lean back and enjoy myself

Sandy / Website (25.2.06 23:16)
oh me fucking god, you'll stop me singing next time, will you?

fuck,remember, the picture, taken in Stoke-on-Trent, screaming??

"fuck we're there, fuuuuuuck"

yeah, but you've to choose another one, go on then....

and you're a nasty bastard, but I luv you...

Vany / Website (25.2.06 23:16)
Bye the way...I´m not a nasty bastard me mate *laugh*...are I?

Vany / Website (25.2.06 23:19)
What...hää? What are you taling *laugh* fuckkk...ohh fuck?? ^^
another one? allright...hmm...yeah i know...ich ropue...thats hot!!
Am I really such an nasty bastardt? I luv u toooooo

Vany / Website (25.2.06 23:24)
Auuuu I know...sure...!!! *laugh*
I can´t believe that youré thinking that I am a nasty bastard., it that obvious? *laugh* yeahhhhhhh we roqueenn

Sandy / Website (25.2.06 23:26)
the picture we've taken on the railwaystation in Stoke, don't ya remember? *lmao*

"ich roque" of course we do, we really do, WICKED*eeeek*

yeah you're, you really are *gggg*

Sandy / Website (25.2.06 23:28)
No it isn't *loooool*

you're lovely, sweet and very kindhearted me mate, and such a nasty bastard *just kidding*

I'm going home now, it's scary here, maybe anyone is on his way to pick me up then, hellooooo?

Vany / Website (25.2.06 23:31)
Ohhhhhh thats so lovely me mate...and so also are you!!! Yeah...I know I´m a naughty bastard...but I think so I am...and thats good and by the way your´e a little nasty bastartd tooooo
Oh mate you scare me take care of yourself pretty much!!!!!

Sandy / Website (25.2.06 23:47)
I know I'm an old dirty bastard as well, but that's fine by me, yeah, it really is........

i'm driving home with me dogs, sure nobody is going to bite me, coz Liam Gallagher isn't here, and me dogs wont bite tonight *lol*


Vany / Website (25.2.06 23:52)
Youre not old *laugh* you have a pimple *laugh*
What are you talking...? *laugh*

Sandy / Website (25.2.06 23:55)
25, allright im young*yeah*

yeah, as big as the backend of a bus, bloddy hell *sigh*

talking about biting and stuff like that, meeeeeee mate, come on*gggg*

Vany / Website (25.2.06 23:56)
Yeah I think youre younger than 25 you really are!!!!!! *loooool* allright....were so stupid aren´t we?

Sandy / Website (25.2.06 23:59)
looking younger, blesch ya me mate *ggg*

stupid like shit, yeah, it's time to go to bed now, really, we should get some rest......blimey *hihi*

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