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bad mood today...bad mood!!

Hello me mates...

Sometimes, when I?m in a bad mood, like today, I?m start thinking about my life...very bad...but what is it about? Whats the aim? School, good work, getting married and kids? I?m absolutely sick just of the thougts...! And I?m so sick of live and I don?t know why...wheres the joy? The simple things along the day who make you feel happy? I?ve thougt that those are phases but...but iI?m feeling like that since 2 years?!? What the hell ...I don?t think that I can able to manage that any longer..! I don?t wanna be ungrateful...I have enough money...friends, family...but why I?m feeling so bad?

see ya me mates
17.2.06 23:23

Birthday Kid

Heyaaa...todays a Birthday Kid under us....
Happy Bithday Robster!! May all you wishes come true..and...everything
Enjoy the rest of the day with your family and friends...annnnddd rock da house!!!!!!!

13.2.06 22:01

My teacher rocks...

Can everybody do a Hihaaa??

What the hell...I can?t believe it! At least I'll receive a 3 in histery altough I had written a 3,8...

I?m totaly pissed of because of the Rob concerts... I ripped my ass of to get now? you still be able to get tickets...arghh...

see ya
30.1.06 13:15


Heya everybodyyyyy....

I?m totaly pissed off...what the hell!! Can I change some of my friends? And I?m sick....what a shitty day...I should go to bed!
My new site is under construktion...but I keep on going
I don?t know what to do with myself...hae you any ideas?

see ya
28.1.06 14:41

What the hell...

Tomorrow school...I can?t believe that the weekend is over that fast....!! I don?t want to school, school sucks... mate and I make plans for her next visit ... thats going to be acer than ace...I miss her so much
I don?t know what with me today...I?m in the mood for nothing and my english...what the hell!! I just can hope that they?re coming better times...

see ya mates!!

song of the day

Me And My Shadow - Rob and Jonny
22.1.06 19:40

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