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So first of all some pictures

me on the toilet *posing*

with me matteeee, Sandy *luv*

now..whos the person on this pic? *laugh* I´m fallin´ asleep in the train ...

me at an italian restaurant *yummie*

with me mate, denise *lovely*

me posing on the chair...what the hell...

on the airport....

but thats a shitty one...I´m so tired ....!! I hope that I get soon a better one...

So what could I tell about myself? I don´t know but some informations about me...and my faves

Name: Vany
Height: 1.73
Eyecolor: it changes all the time *laugh* ! Green-brown, green, brown....
Music: Anit Flag, WIZO, Ärzte, Hosen, Freundeskreis, Rob, Beatsteaks...and so on..and so on
Addictions: Coki light and Cigarettes....
Food: Pasta, Pizza...sometimes some Chinese, and of course some of our "specials"
Drink: Coki light *laugh*, Beer, Coffee, Wine, Cocktails...

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